Cloud9 Bedding products come in three components that are more consistent, comfortable and durable than standard bedding products.  Each offers distinct properties that advance the quality of bedding and help your customers get a better night's sleep.

Visco-Elastic Memory Foam - Comfort Layer

Cloud9 Bedding visco-elastic memory foam takes sleeping comfort to a whole new level.  The latest in visco-elastic or "memory" foam,  Cloud9 Bedding visco-elastic memory foam conforms to the body as a person sleeps.  This creates an individualized sleeping surface that offers better support than traditional foams, providing for a better night's sleep through better engineering. Cloud9 Bedding visco-elastic memory foam is a premium visco-elastic foam that outperforms visco-elastics from other manufacturers by every measure of comfort and durability. By using Cloud9 Bedding visco products on your mattress, you can offer your customers extraordinary personalized comfort at an affordable price.

High Density Foams - Support Layer

Cloud9 Bedding HR foam is a premium, high-density foam made through the state-of-the-art VPF technology that creates mattress cores superior to traditional innerspring construction. While providing long-lived durability that's roughly comparable to springs, Cloud9 Bedding HR foam surpasses innersprings by reducing customer concerns for long-term comfort. Mattresses built around Cloud9 Bedding HR foam cores will not only provide your customers with a better night's sleep, but the product also streamlines operations and enhances productivity up to 25% in your bedding facilities.

Cloud9 Bedding Cumulex is a unique cushioning material that outperforms latex.  By providing superior consistency, Cumulex reduces pressure and enhances comfort.  Highly durable Cumulex helps manufacturers achieve greater consumer satisfaction, making it more cost-effective to use than traditional  latex foams.  Cumulex is also packed with other features:  it is flame retardant, nonallergenic and does not have the unpleasant odor or allergens associated with latex, enhancing the value of bedding to consumers.



Mattress Quilting - Soft Upper Layer

Cirrulux is a unique, new, state-of-the-art quilting foam that provides a vastly superior alternative to traditional quilting layers used in ordinary mattress design. Cirrulux is both softer than other premium foams and more durable than the highest-quality fiber. And because it doesn't clog machinery the way fiber does, Cirrulux can even improve your productivity.

This replaces fiberfills used in the top layers of mattresses.  Fiber tends to mat down under a person's body weight, reducing comfort and support.  With its unique engineering, Cirrulux virtually eliminates these impressions,  as well as the bunching, breakdown and uneven distribution typical of fiber, allowing for more restorative sleep.

Brands such as these have helped Cloud9 Bedding to earn a reputation as a pioneer and market leader.  Cloud9 Bedding continually works with customers to develop new solutions for specific applications that will increase the value of their products.  This spirit of innovation has enabled Cloud9 Bedding to revolutionized the retailbedding industry.